Rain or Shine, Make Every Outfit Counts

By Nazmi Faudzi, 18 January 2018

Unfortunately, the weather in Malaysia is always hot all year. For women, they do not have many choices on how to dress without sweat or uncomfortable becaus they overdress. However, because the weather is hot, we are bound to have raining season and constantly downpous. Well, this is the oppurtinity to be well dress in this sort of weather and it's your job to impress with your outfit. Well, well... here's a few tips you can apply when its raining season >>>



Jacket is always the right choices when it come to rainy seaosn.. Find a jacket that offers more protection from rain. You could just invest for a stylish rain coat that will give you protection and leave dry all day. It is essential for ladies to have a jacket.



Although it seems obvious to bring an umbrella when it is rain, but you could even look gorgeous with an umbrella in your hand. Umbrella is a stylish and elegant accesssory that every lady should own. Just don't umbrella that are heavy and big. Find the one that suit your size and have good nd beautiful materials.





Don't let your top get wet in this rainy day!Find a lightweight sweater or long sleeve tee or shirts. This would be a great top for you to wear. Lyer it with  jacket and you just create a sophisticated layer



When it's wet and windy, your best choice for pants is always dark colour. Go for dark jeans or pants. Color like red, green, blue and black are always your best bet. Do not choose white or yellow as they tend to show signs of rain or mud. You do not want people to see you in a wet and muddy pants.


With all these clothes and accessories, you could even stay dry all day. Jut follow these simple tips and the rain could not sneak up on you! ><

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